Mission of Project Unity is to harmonize and unite human society under one common goal that would bind us as one in a new, integral and unifying paradigm.


Creating a common bio-ethical ground


What if you could unlock the door to the true reality, the underlying reality that is behind this reality? The true value behind this existence? Imagine for a moment that you could … what do you believe you would find and how would you hope it will change you?


As individuals, we’re fortunate to live in a time where we have the freedom to question our cultural beliefs and choose our own path.  Even our core values that hold tremendous power over us and have been ingrained in our minds through decades of conditioning can be changed.

What we need is common ground … ground for all of us to grow and create a new, improved society that is based on unity. 


A lasting and profound paradigm change can only come through awareness change that appears can only be triggered by a substantial scientific & experiential evidence … an awareness of expanded reality that we haven’t been able to tap into before in such a way and to such a degree. 


Project Unity is built on the premise of the latest interdisciplinary scientific research of the optimal state of perception, self improvement and transcendence. It defines and points to the deep reality behind all events that play before our eyes. 


By sharing the awareness of the true reality behind the veils of illusionary perception, we are inviting you to experience true unity, without separation … experience it yourself.


Creating a culture of Unity

As humankind we have found ourselves in the midst of unprecedented circumstances following the global viral pandemic that is sweeping throughout the world.    


The current pandemic has cut deeply into our comfort zone and sense of security. And as it is with such events, anxiety and fear epidemic goes with it hand in hand, one amplifying the other.


"Our goal is to create a culture of peace and Unity.

To attain this goal, we must change the base of how we perceive and filter reality.


The concept of flow and its ultimate expression is a common ground and the great unifying concept that would bind us all into one new paradigm ... “Unity”.

The final aim is to create a true "Unity in diversity" ... a unity based worldview paradigm that would create peace, harmony and unprecedented growth of human civilization.


Flow state - The most desirable state you may find yourself in

We’re so deeply in the present moment that we merge with activity itself, giving us the overwhelming feeling of “being at one”.

A state where everything just flows.

Scientific & practical backbone for implementation of flow

FlowCode decodes & maps the principles of flow and serves as the ultimate roadmap for creating and maintaining the state of flow on an individual & global societal level.




Project Unity is a non-profit incorporation that opens the possibility of funding through both governmental and private funds with the vision of improving lives through the culture of flow ... through easy to implement products & services, education curriculum & other public/private systems. It is a new and exciting science based paradigm for personal and societal change.


Project Unity strives to bring the principles of flow as well as “Unity based paradigm” into society through implementations into education curriculum & other public systems and services in order to facilitate the culture of Flow.


Paradigm change always starts with education since there is no other effective way how to approach the individual & collective perception.


Project aims to educate flow/unity concept to teachers involved in the public and private education as they have a clear access to youth.

One of the most important contributors to the development of flow culture are physical education teachers and sport specific coaches, since flow states and its values can be most effectively transferred through physical activities and framework of game/play (preschool/kindergarten + K12 programs, university education)



Project Unity is striving to expand the flow culture & to share flow principles and concepts with the general public on new levels. This includes art, sport, music and any other manifestation of culture assigning its work and theme under concept of flow philosophy.




Project Unity includes an entire spectrum of charity and public activities, making communities more cohesive, cooperative and meaningful ... uniting our existence through the culture of flow.


It includes lectures, workshops & organized events that are geared toward experiencing flow within the context of Unity (charity to designated target groups, flow in building communities, web promotion, talk shows & other media)


Creating a common bio-ethical ground




E-mail: flow2unity@gmail.com

​Website: https://www.flow2unity.com/

Phone: 00386 41 868952

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