It's time for a paradigm change

As humankind we have found ourselves in the midst of unprecedented circumstances following the global viral pandemic that is sweeping throughout the world.


The current pandemic has cut deeply into our comfort zone and sense of security. And as it is with such events, anxiety and fear epidemic goes with it hand in hand, one amplifying the other.


Sense of security is one of the fundamental and deepest human needs. One of the key anxiety drivers is connected to the loss of control over the situation. We cannot see the virus, but it is obvious it is around us, we can't avoid it, we can't really hide from it. It is here … As measures are being taken, the crucial question remains: how do we respond to it, as individuals and as a society.


On one side stress, uncertainty and frustration are increasing, minds are overloaded with information, worldviews are fragmented, values are eroding.

The resulting climate is one of conflict, division, war, anxiety and despair. Society as a whole is plagued with alarming chronic and mental diseases, individual and collective depression is looming … all leading to inevitable critical conclusion …


“It’s time for a paradigm change.”


We are the legacy of 15 billion years of cosmic evolution. We have a choice … we can enhance life and come to know the universe that we are a part of or we can squander our heritage in meaningless & clearly impending self-destruction. What happens next depends on what we do, here and now with our intelligence and our knowledge.

"What we need is a common ground, a ground for all of us to grow from and create a new, improved society that is based on unity."

Project Unity is built on the premise of the latest interdisciplinary scientific cognitive research of the flow state as an optimal state of perception, self improvement and transcendence.


From flow to unity

“Our goal is to create a culture of peace and unity.

To attain this goal, we must change the base of how we perceive and filter reality.”

The Project Unity concept is based on idea that values and morality must be based on an agreeable common denominator, meaning values need to have physiological and psychological anchor (bioethics) in order for the whole to have a meaningful coherence and a pointing vector of effort.​


Project Unity frames the concept of flow within the context of Unity and describes how an unsuspected unified physio-psychological anchor can become a basic facilitator for a positive paradigm change on a global level.​

The flow state should be used in the creation of the most desirable “reality tunnel”, one that merges individual with collective, creating a common bio-ethical ground for expression of true unity in diversity for the whole human race and promote it in highly organized & structural fashion.

Our mission spawned from an idea of recognizing the unifying concept of the flow state in many ancient traditions, philosophies and core worldviews of self actualized individuals, supported by the research in quantum mechanics and latest discoveries in neuroscience.


We finally have been able to discover the inner workings and triggers to re-frame every individual to feel purpose, meaning and happiness. And that can happen only if you are in the flow.


Flow paradigm is a vector that points to unity

Project Unity is striving to bring flow culture into existence as flow principles are shared to general public within various levels and channels possible through implementations into education curriculum & other public & private systems and services in order to facilitate the culture of flow.


The final aim is to create a true “Unity in diversity” … a unity based worldview paradigm that would create peace, harmony and unprecedented growth of human civilization.


It serves as a paradigm for personal and societal operation. The non-profit incorporation of Project Unity brings the possibility of funding through both governmental and private funds internationally (within the context of humanity’s advancement).


Project Unity is 100 % aligned with the mission of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.


As many of the goals are not being met, it is becoming clear that a change in attitude is needed to accomplish SDGs on a global level. We are proposing a new term to be adopted  … Personal Sustainable Development Goals or Personal SDGs in order to create a society in which the values & intentions are set toward reconnection with the planet and to avoid further devastating effects we have on the surrounding nature.

Only in a culture that supports sustainable development we will be able to survive and succeed as a society and as a human race.


The PSDG idea comes from concept of flow personality, while the same principle can be applied to a society at large … in order to create flow culture that is living in sync with the environment and with each other (please note the following graphic is only a visual representation of an intention).


In this way our common mission extends to the level of the world we wish to create for us and the future generations. Once enough people experience the fulfilling reality of “flow” and universal values that are generated out of it, we would fast-forward progress as species and create peace and unprecedented unity.


We all come from the same source, we all breathe the same air

so let’s breathe together in a new found unity and

fill this life with meaning, purpose & growth.





If you are like us and

have a burning sense of expressing UNITY.

If you are like us and feel the need

to stand up to our individual & collective fears.

If you have the intention to change your life and

to help change the life of others.

Join us on our mission.

We can’t do this alone.

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It's time for unity.