We bring carefully selected people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

We unlock insights and we have the courage and conviction to act and inspire that in others.

We seek out individuals who would join us and participate on a mission to bring more consciousness to the collective.

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Our mission is to explore and realize human potential through experience, education, and research.



 Hyphae main goal is to bring together people

and connect communities with the vision to create and work towards

a more fair, creative, open minded, awake, aware and sustainable world.

Seeking answers to questions unlikely to be explored

by traditional schools, universities and religions

and challenge dogmatic thinking.  


Our intention is to sponsor pioneering initiatives and offer

personal, spiritual, and social transformation programs

for individuals and groups on all levels of society. 


We are non profit NGO foundation organizing transformative retreats,

conferences and events with a ripple network effect and high impact.  


We believe in humanity and that each human is a seed,

with a limitless potential to grow and flourish. 

The seed growth however depends on the environment.


Our goal is to build supporting systems that would propel and

raise consciousness of the collective to a whole new level.




“Imagine you could pass through two doors at once.


It’s inconceivable, yet fungi do it all the time.  

When faced with a forked path, fungal hyphae don’t have to choose one or another.

They can branch and take both routes”






By doing an in-depth bottom-up and top-down analysis,

we create a diagnosis and design a personalised journey for each client and use a network of carefully selected practitioners with knowledge and experience to assist in the process of integration.







We have designed a UN-I program as a complete pathway to experiencing the fullfilling state of unity, a tested and scientifically backed up system of transformation of both individuals and society as a whole in order to create a new global paradigm.


The following flowchart sums up the complete process from preparation, inception and integration of Unity principles into everyday life experience.




A hypha (plural hyphae, from Greek ὑφή, huphḗ, "web") is a long, branching filamentous structure of a fungus, oomycete, or actinobacterium. In most fungi, hyphae are the main mode of vegetative growth, and are collectively called a mycelium.