Steps in adopting the Unity paradigm

As individuals, we’re fortunate to live in a time where we have the freedom to question our cultural beliefs and choose our own path. Even our core values that hold tremendous power over us and have been ingrained in our minds through decades of conditioning can be changed.

Every moment we are a new entity that existed only for that one single moment and will never manifest itself again. No experience can truly be replicated, no identity can ever reflect an ever-changing synergy in the endless stream of experience.

Step one

One has to identify current core value.

Finding what emotionally drives us, pinpointing what it is that throughout life one’s reward system has turned into its primary focus. It could simply be comfort, success or social validation.

Step two

Ensure one has a genuine appreciation for flow.

It is profoundly inspiring to learn about how flow actually underpins

the intricate complexity of our experience.

Step three

Making the conscious leap to adopt flow as a core value.

This resolution is not about just implementing new habits but

rather about fundamentally committing at any time.

Finding the courage and truly making this click is a euphoric and liberating experience.

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