Learning center includes complete presentation of science & philosophy behind Project Unity. Our mission was spawned from an idea. An idea that taps into the knowledge of the Unified field … the field of consciousness, the everlasting and self interacting field of Unity, recognized by many ancient traditions, philosophies and core worldviews.


A lasting and profound paradigm change can only come through awareness change that appears can only be triggered by a substantial scientific & experiential evidence … an awareness of expanded reality that we haven’t been able to tap into before in such a way and to such a degree. 


Project Unity is built on the premise of the latest interdisciplinary scientific research of the optimal state of perception, self improvement and transcendence. It defines and points to the deep reality behind all events that play before our eyes


The Unity concept is based on idea that values and morality must be based on an agreeable common denominator, meaning values need to have physiological and psychological anchor (bioethics) in order for the whole to have a meaningful coherence and a pointing vector of effort.

The Unity paradigm allows us to create a more desirable “reality tunnel” one that merges the individual with the collective, creating a common bioethical ground.


A way to express true unity in our diversity, for the entire human race.

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What is the Unified field of consciousness (Unity) and scientific definitions

In the last few decades the knowledge and research of the deepest levels of our reality has skyrocketed.


Scientific research in the unified field theory, superstring theory and rich experiential evidence

is paving the way to understanding our role in this reality  and how this new understanding

would propel our civilization to an unimaginable and vibrant future.


Unifying paradigm based on an experience of the unified field

How the awareness of the Unified field of consciousness (Unity) profoundly influences

our view of the world and creates an unprecedented perception shift on a global scale.


What if we could unlock the door to the true reality,

the underlying reality that is behind this reality? 

The true value behind this existence?


Imagine for a moment that we could …

What do you believe you would find and how would you hope it will change you?


From death anxiety to experienced immortality

From blind faith to deep knowing

Death anxiety is deemed in psychology as the mother of all fears.

The awareness of it is one of the key components for our destructive behaviour,

since we see it as the end of all there is.


Now imagine if we had an access behind the scenes, behind the gateway of perception

and see and feel and understand through our own process,

that we are not what it seems.


Unity through individuality and individuality through unity

Definitions of expanded existence based on the awareness of Unity,

how is the game between the separation and unity being expressed in everyday life,

how this experience changes you and a profound level.


“Behind the veils of illusion of separated self lies the true reality … 

we all come from the same source, we are all one, we are all connected.”


Victim mode mentality and the way out of it

It’s about the perception change … a change of how we view ourselves

and in this way be able to gain access to our own authentic expression,

getting access to our own programmer's backend from

which we gain the ability to narrate our own story.