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Platform for exponential funding
of a global paradigm change


If asked the question: what is the vision of the future of our society,

what would be the answer?


A diverse team of international experts from different fields have put together a proposal

on which to build a future regenerative society.


Project Unity envisions a non-profit cooperative with concepts, products & services that promote improvement, growth & wellbeing of humanity based on the philosophy of unity.


Project Unity’s main goal is to bring together people and connect communities with the vision

to create and work towards a more fair, creative, open minded, awake and aware civilization.


Project Unity supports decentralization, participation, cooperation and unity

of regenerative humanity under one common vector.


Our intention is to facilitate a global paradigm change and influence a positive individual and social reality ...


... creating a common ground for expression of true unity in diversity and promote it in highly organized & structural fashion.

UNITY CryptoCoin.png

UNI - Blockchain based platform

Project Unity is conceived on multiple levels with the basic aim to create

a common bio-ethical ground based on the philosophy of Unity

for the entire human race.


Final purpose of “health” is to allow for a happy and fulfilled existence. Project Unity aim is to facilitate the state of flow on individual & group level and offers a supporting backdrop structure through which to address health and wellbeing.


The applications, courses, programs, events and products spawned by the Project Unity are integrated into healthy lifestyle services and products offered to private and public organizations as well as individuals.

​​​​​​The final building block that connects all the levels of the project is a blockchain based platform with purpose to secure funding, cryptocurrency,

digital shareholding, decentralized data sharing and direct democracy participation to grow & organize a paradigm change

based on exponential technologies.


We call it the “quickening” of the transformative process of society, changing the code on which the society operates at its core; creating a society that flows.


This drastically improves chances of positive elements of the society to be able to fund their vision of advancing the human condition.


The goal is to wittily connect the for profit companies and individuals with non-profit organizations via a shared and decentralised platform with the end aim to finance and support similar organizations and services.


In this way the companies as well as individuals are encouraged  to donate & participate based on innovative, simple to use platform.


Combining cryptocurrency with a global unity mission statement creates a powerful combination that aims to facilitate a profound societal change.


The mission of unity with a goal of building harmonized & decentralized society is completely aligned with the purpose of blockchain technologies.



End game is becoming one of the leading cryptocurrencies that directly supports activities that promote
flow & unity to all levels of society.

We bring carefully selected people together to challenge

established thinking and drive transformation


We seek out individuals who would participate on a mission to support

positive consciousness driven businesses.


We are inviting companies, groups and individuals to join forces

and transform society to a new level. 


Become a member of Unity cooperative and find your own way to contribute:

- Become a supporter and voice your alignment with the mission by signing up free  

- Become a shareholder through UNI digital shareholding platform

- Donate or finance individual or grouped projects with UNI cryptocurrency

- Participate with projects that get financed and promoted through platform with shared profits

The only way to make this work

is to create, build and spread

a new paradigm together.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s play!